Our first local lodge meeting in our new location.

Located in Newark, New Jersey local lodge 914 is the largest trade union at Newark Liberty International Airport representing over 3000 members. As a trade union, we provide our members with all the benefits a trade union negotiate for its members such as better pay, better working conditions, or improved health and safety and provide training for new skills at our training facility in Hollywood, Maryland. We are a diverse group with members from all backgrounds, faiths and sexual orientation. This is who we are and our diversity is the fabric that makes us stronger.

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September 23, 2020


Need help with finding a job?

Need help getting a resume together?

Need help navigating unemployment programs?

Your local IAM leadership has reached out to the New Jersey Department of Labor to find out what resources are available to you.  Speakers from area Job search companies & the NJ DOL will give a presentation on Unemployment insurance, Re-Employment services + other tools available to you on:

Wednesday 9/23 @ 10am + 2pm


Friday 9/25 @ 10am + 2pm

Check your company email for more information.  You can also stop by the Union office or contact any of the following:

IAM Action Alert

September 15, 2020

Ask Congressional Leadership to Save Hundreds of Thousands of Airline Jobs

In March, as U.S. COVID-19 cases began rising exponentially, Congress rose to the occasion by enacting the CARES Act to provide assistance to tens of millions of Americans who found their financial security, if not their health, directly imperiled by the pandemic.

Among other things, the CARES Act created the Payroll Support Program (PSP), under which the Treasury Secretary issued $32 billion in grants to airlines and their contractors exclusively to keep their workers on the payroll through September 30, 2020.

But while time marches on, so does the pandemic, Airline workers are facing the worst crisis by far in the industry’s history. Last Wednesday, a major airline put 36,000 workers across the country on notice that they could be furloughed on or after October 1. Other carriers have issued and will issue similar notices.

Please ask your member of Congress to join House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) on a bipartisan letter to House and Senate Leadership, urging them to extend the PSP authorities in the CARES Act through March 31, 2021, and save hundreds of thousands of frontline airline workers’ jobs.

A message from president Gula

April 17, 2020

Indeed these are tough times for all. We are now grieving the loss of yet 2 more members to this insidious pandemic. I pray there will be no more. It is difficult for me and I am certain for you sisters and brothers, to get a firm grip on my emotions. We can't even grieve as we are accustomed. Please understand that it has taken me the better part of the day just to get to this point. The board met yesterday, virtually, and decided that we would purchase a memorial tree in honor of those members who have passed. It will be a lasting memory and means of condolence moving forward. We decided further that once we are beyond this, we will have a memorial service at the hall for our fallen members. Please continue to stay safe and pray we are beyond this soon.


March 18, 2020

I hope all are coping as best they can. In lieu of our regular meeting today, the e-board met, and I am pleased to announce that all members of United Lodge Local 914, who are in good standing and electing to take the company, offered leave of absence(COLA), will be exempted from their dues until their return. No back dues or reinstatement will be incurred upon return. Again, this applies to regular members in good standing. (i.e., those in objector status remain responsible for their agency fees.)
I would also encourage all to remember that our IAMAW EAP is available always and in particular during these unforeseen and stressful times. Please pass this info to others who may not be on Facebook and also share our website www.ewrlocallodge914.com with them so that they may also be informed. On behalf of the e-board, we pray that all will return to normal soon.

In Solidarity, I remain Fraternally yours,
Bill Gula President
United Lodge Local 914


September 16, 2020

Upon consultation with GLR Edison Fraser, we have been granted a dispensation for our Local Lodge Meeting this Wednesday 9/16. We will do all we can to reschedule but given the current pandemic situation, the E-board concurs that to have the regularly scheduled meeting would be contrary to a proactive stance against this horrible situation that is encumbering the globe, nationally, and of course locally. I pray that all will adhere to current CDC advice and help us all to stem the tide. Please pass this information to any members who may not yet be on our FB page. The boards will be updated tomorrow. Please remain vigilant and continue to monitor this page for further announcements.
In Solidarity I remain Fraternally yours,
Bill Gula President
United Lodge Local 914

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The IAMAW Free College Benefit makes it possible for you and your family members to earn an associate degree completely online for FREE.



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The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, the IAMAW, is a large union that is active in more than 200 basic industries as defined by the US Department of Labor. It maintains one or more agreements with almost every major employer in the USA and Canada.

Goals of the IAMAW include: raising wage rates to correspond with the rising costs of living, ensuring equal pay for equal work regardless of sex, race, or national origin, providing a safe and healthy workplace, and securing benefits such as paid sick leave, medical coverage, and retirement/pension funds.

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